The latest interior inspiration takes subtle hints from traditional tribal designs. Repeating patterns & natural earthy materials creates a sense of home crafted decor. The minimal changes made to the usual tribal perception are to keep it relative to the time we’re in and the ever changing design trends, so you can get involved with this interior inspiration without the worry of committing to a stark design.

Muted natural colours are a good choice here, opt for creams and pale tones. If wallpaper is your thing then consider one that showcases repeated patterns. Pockets of brighter colour can be brought in through the use of wall art, lighting and other home accessories. Often tribal design has the perception of bright and vibrant colours, but with tribal themes we’re toning things down slightly for a better blend into the modern home.


Bring in earthy materials with a focus on handmade items, tribal life would have been all about living off the land and feeling closer to nature so make that a rule to go by. Wood, reeds and twigs would all be common materials used in tribal crafting.The typical materials seen in tribal lighting are very textured which adds dimension and rustic aesthetic to your interior.

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